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 What’s afoot?
SENIOR'S CHOICE Footcare, LLC provides complete foot care at affordable prices for the elderly so they can maintain an active and independent lifestyle.
Established in 2004 by team of nurses, our mission is to provide medically safe and sanitary foot care to the community. We are a mobile unit and extend our services to assisted living facilities, nursing homes, senior citizen centers, hospices, as well as many individual homes.
In addition to our foot care services, we provide educational inservices to caregivers regarding foot health.This includes simple steps to keep the feet healthy, warning signs that need to be reported, exercises for the feet, and proper fitting shoes and socks.
We recognize that good business is taking care of our customers! Emphasis is therefore placed on patient and caregiver education,as well as providing our customers with referral sources for the best of foot care products, shoes, shoe fitters(Pedorthists), and Podiatrists.  
Our team of health care professionals is here to help you.
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Phone: (303) 347-8848 or 941-766-0414
Your feet will be glad you did!
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