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In order to maintain healthy feet you must maintain muscle and pain relief, protect your skin against fungal and bacterial infections and provide hydration to the feet.  
Aging feet lose their protective fat and begin to photoage. This can cause them to wrinkle, lose elasticity, and appear leathery. This fragile state makes it easier for a microbial invasion setting the stage for a potentially harmful infection. 
Fortunately nature has supplied us with multiple essential oils, herbal essences, antioxidants and plant derived fatty acids that nourish and heal our feet.  
Optimal foot care products make use of natures bounty and  incorporate these into their  products. In selecting and using these products the feet can actually heal and look younger, feel fresh and even be defended from microbial invaders.In addition they keep connective tissue stronger and suptle and protect from uv exposure. 
The products that we use at our clinics, as well as supply in our pedicare kits are simply the best nature has to offer. They contain the essential oils of Eucalyptus, Olive,  Coconut, and Tea Tree as well as Chamomile and Rose Hips. 
It is evident to our customers that they have received the very best foot care. When the foot care session has ended they are relaxed and smiling and their feet look and feel younger.The tremendous growth of our business is an obvious sign of client satisfaction and confidence in our care, knowledge and research.    
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